EMSOL is the only Sri Lankan solution, which is most convenient, least expensive and most effective in mitigating air pollution from fossil fuel combustion, requires no changes or modifications to fuel dispensing systems, Engine Control Units, software or hardware.

EMSOL is marketed by EMINENT INTERNATIONAL, successor to EMINENT ENGINEERING SERVICES, a business run by engineering professionals, with decades of experience in providing Air Quality Engineering Solutions to companies operating in Sri Lanka, including the leading multinationals.

Our Dealer Network

We access the retail market with a dealer network consisting of Lube Oil shops, Motor Spare Parts Shops, Automotive Battery Dealers and Service Stations. EMSOL is currently available at nearly 400 outlets covering 150 cities and towns in a radius of 150kms from Colombo and keeps growing fast.

Our Quality Policy

Quality and reliability are our priorities. EMSOL evolved a few times before it was offered for retail markets, in keeping with our policy of continuous product development. EMSOL was subjected to thorough tests by professionals and individual customers on a large number of vehicles with different fuel dispensing systems over a period of 2 years, since 2014 and has been tested to ASTM standards at the Industrial Technology Institute.EMSOL has also been tested by Sri Lanka Transport Board, the largest fleet operator in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Police, Sri Lanka Air Force and Sri Lanka Army.The Automobile Association of Ceylon has recommended EMSOL, after extensive tests & trials.

Our Philosophy

The end customer should receive the best value, while those in marketing channels in between should not be inconvenienced for quality matters and delivering the promises.

To provide everyone clean air to breath and our clients the peace of mind by help achieving the highest standards in emission and fuel performance, whilst giving our staff a challenging and a rewarding career.
To be the most sought after brand for emission control and enhancement of fuel efficiency in the Travel, Transport and Industry sectors in Sri Lanka.