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EMSOL is all about reducing emissions and improving performance from combustion of fossil fuels, be it Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene or Furnace Oil. In a nut shell, EMSOL helps in reducing Air Pollution and Fuel Costs while improving performance of vehicles, power generators and steam boilers and industrial equipment powered by liquid fossil fuels.

EMSOL offers specific products for Automobiles, Marine crafts and Generators powered by Diesel, Petrol& Kerosene fuels. Also for Diesel & Furnace Oil fired Steam Boilers, Industrial Driers & Heaters.

  • Why EMSOL?

    Air pollution is threatening the healthy existence of all creatures due to ever advancing human life style on earth. Transport Industry is known to be the single most contributing sector that pollutes air, adding highly toxic gases and particulate matter that leads to a number of respiratory system related illnesses in human beings. The cost of environmental air pollution is rather difficult to estimate, because the effects are multi factorial. Air Pollution has an impact on plant growth & food production, water resources, roads & buildings, metal corrosion and corrosion protection, industrial production processes and above all, has a direct impact on human & animal health, causing diseases, life-long suffering and premature deaths.

    EMSOL gives you a smooth, trouble free and efficient operation, prolonging the life of your vehicle or the equipment, even if you disregard all the positive benefits of EMSOL towards the environment you live in.

  • What is EMSOL?

    EMSOL is the result of nearly 2 years of hard work since mid 2014, towards finding a solution to Air Pollution. As of today, “EMSOL” is a distinguished BRAND of liquid fuel additives,the only fuel additive developed in Sri Lanka, primarily to minimize smoke emissions from Diesel, Petrol & Kerosene internal combustion engines. Secondarily, to improve fuel efficiency, which resulted in achieving fuel efficiencies reaching nearly +30%.The tertiary stage developments were aimed at Industrial fuels such as Heavy Diesel and Furnace Oils for thermal applications, making it a complete range of products for all applications.

    There are four distinguished products intended to be used on Automobiles & Marine Crafts, bulk fuel treatment by fleet operators /bulk users and for power & Steam generation in Industry sector. EMSOL is made up of Octane & Cetane improves, Solvents, Friction Modifiers and Oxygenates to varying degrees depending on the intended use of the specific product, readily identified by the colour.

    EMSOL is designed to perform the following tasks effectively, relieving the Engineers and the Mechanics from cumbersome & tough cleaning jobs involving the fuel system and tuning–ups to optimize performance. The intensity of the activity depends on the specific formulation, made for the intended purpose.

    • Cleaning sludge & Impurities in the fuel system
    • Cleaning carburetor, Jets & nozzles, EFI and tunes-up Petrol Engines
    • Cleaning Injector pump & Nozzles, Common rail & Electro Valves and tunes-up Diesel Engines
    • Removing and preventing building up combustion chamber deposits
    • Providing Upper cylinder & valve lubrication
    • Improving Combustion Efficiency
    • Improving Octane & Cetane Numbers
    • Increasing power output by up to 20%
    • Increasing fuel mileage by up to 22%
    • Preventing knocking and smoothening the engine
    • Reducing flash point temperature
    • Clearing Black & White Smoke emissions

  • Is EMSOL Safe?

    Yes, EMSOL is 100% safe on Vehicles, Equipment, User&the Environment. Although used in conjunction with liquid hydrocarbon fuels, EMSOL uses the highest quality raw materials to ensure performance and safety.

    EMSOL has been recommended by Automobile Association of Ceylon and undergone extensive tests by Sri Lanka Transport Board.

    NOTE: Care should be taken to avoid overdosing petrol beyond 200%, as it might cause “knocking” in Petrol engines only, due to “possible advance firing” when the engine is heated-up. This is not experienced with diesel.

  • Is EMSOL user friendly?

    Yes, EMSOL–FSC and EMSOL-FE,the DIY / retail market products have been made carefully as non-fuel specific products, to treat Diesel, Petrol & Kerosene equally making it user friendly to the average motor mechanic or the user and ruling out any possibility of damage to an engine even in an event of an accidental mix-up.

    EMSOL-D and EMSOL-BF are supposed to be handled by professionals or under supervision to avoid over dosing. These two products are intended for the corporate/industry sectors.