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  • How does EMSOL work?

    EMSOL is a liquid fuel additive for Diesel & Petrol or Kerosene. EMSOL is added to fuel tank @ 1ml per Litre of Fuel. There are two types. The Green liquid is the Fuel System Cleaner (FSC) and the Blue liquid is the Fuel Economizer (FE). The FSC dissolves sludge, cleans fuel lines, injector pump, carburetor, nozzles, common rails and elector valves, upper cylinder, valves etc. and tunes-up the engine. EMSOL FE supports complete combustion, prevents building of deposits and improves fuel performance.

  • What types of fuel can EMSOL be used with?

    EMSOL –FSC, EMSOL –FE and EMSOL –D can be used with all grades of Petrol, Diesel & Kerosene used in Automobiles, Marine and other engines.

    EMSOL-BF is intended to be used on Industrial Boilers and Heating equipment powered by Diesel/Furnace oil of all grades. (Please observe the recommended dosage / concentration given in product label for effective performance).

  • How much EMSOL to use for Fuel System Cleaning and Tuning-up?

    As a general rule, treat the full tank with FSC to clean the fuel system completely, if heavy smoke or low pulling power, blocked injectors, CHECK ENGINE warning  is experienced or failed at Emission Test. (run 30-40 kms or 25-30 minutes before re-test)

  • Do I need to use EMSOL-FSC often?

    No. Once only, if your vehicle has done over 25,000kms. If you continue to use EMSOL-FE, you do not need to use EMSOL-FSC again.

  • How often EMSOL-EF be used?

    Usually every time you refuel, to maintain the 1ml per 1Litre concentration in the tank +/- 50%. Even at every other refueling would be sufficient to sustain performance.

  • Would EMSOL damage my vehicle?

    No. EMSOL is tested for safety, to ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials ) standards at ITI (Industrial Technology Institute). Also NO ADVERSE EFFECTS reported in extensive field trials

  • What benefits do I get, using EMSOL?

    Save up to 22% of fuel cost, obtain more pulling power from engine at a lower RPM, less vibration and noise, low engine heat and lower maintenance cost.  Better health for everyone because you reduce toxic emissions. (EMSOL costs about 3%-4% on fuel cost).